Mini Starter Kit Tournament Rules for 2018

Mini Starter Kit Tournament Rules for 2018

October 17, 2018 Rules 0

A very relaxed format tournament, intended to introduce players to the rules. You are welcome to make any and all changes as you wish. We will have printed copies of all scenarios available at the tournament.


  • Beyond The Beach scenario pack (includes map P) (1st)
  • Wild West Fest 2018 championship mug (1st)
  • Prize choice for 2nd–3rd from prize table


More details including 2018 scenarios can be found here.

  • 0900 (or earlier!) – 1200 – First round, theme is “Hedgerows”
  • 1200 – 1500 – Second round, theme is “Russians”
  • 1500 – 1800 – Third round, theme is “Bulge and Before”
  • 1900 – ??? – Fourth round, optional and time permitting, theme is “Hodgepodge”

We will use Swiss-style pairing: winners of round 1 will play other winners in round 2, losers play losers, determined randomly. You get 1 point for winning, 0.5 points for draw, 0 points for losing.

After three rounds, the most points wins, the tiebreaker is who won their mulligan round, then having played the mulligan round. If no break, or if they wish, they may play a championship round after the first two rounds or determine the prize winner themselves or randomly at their discretion. If there are more than two people in this situation, kite surfing competition in the Columbia Gorge will be used to resolve.

If there is an odd number of players, one player will be designated to have a bye for that round, be considered to have a win, but will provide rules lookup help to the other players.


The scenarios are organized in four groups, numbered 1 to 4. At the beginning of each round, a group will be determined randomly. Same goes for mulligan round, if there is a championship round, there will be only one group left to choose. A full list is given here. The first two scenarios in each group require SK1, the next two SK2, and the last SK3.

After pairings are set, players will decide between themselves which scenario to play by any method they choose, and which side each will play. If they cannot decide, a scenario will be determined randomly, taking player experience into account (if you don’t know vehicles, the SK3 scenario will not be a possibility). If players cannot agree to sides after the scenario has been determined, sides will be determined randomly.

It is strongly recommended that you make sure that the mapboards for that scenario are available for use.

Each round will have a time limit of three hours, though this is subject to change given the newness of the game to many of the attendees. If a winner has not been determined by the end of the time limit, players may agree on who the winner is or it will be adjudicated by the GM. Probably randomly. Play briskly!

Thanks for playing!