Wild West Fest 2018 Tournament Results

Wild West Fest 2018 Tournament Results

March 22, 2019 Results 0

This is way overdue! As I prepared details for the upcoming 2019 tournament, I realized I had never posted any update on the results from the 2018 tournament So here goes.

Full Tournament

We had 18 players join us for the full ASL tournament, which was four rounds plus an optional tie-breaking mulligan round on Friday morning.

Rich King and Lyle Fisher duke it out in the final round

Rich King won the full tournament with a final round victory over his challenger Lyle Fisher. David Kocot was the runner up by virtue of his mulligan round tiebreaker win.

Mini Tournament

Matt and Jacob square off in the starter kit tournament

Ten players played in the ASL Starter Kit mini tournament on Saturday, with Scott Beall taking home the trophy and Jeff Miller the runner up. We had four players play in this tournament that had never played any ASL before, and most of them will return to this year’s full tournament.

Tournament Summary

The pairing board

We used an ad-hoc pairing system for the tournament which had players find their next opponent based on availability and record. While this may have been more efficient, for the 2019 tournament we will use the more traditional director-led pairing model and stay strictly with a Swiss-style pairing model.

Doug schools Jacob on ASL basics

One awesome fact about the ASL community world-wide is that it is welcoming to (even desperate to find!) new players, and this tournament was no exception. Doug in particular played a huge role as key instructor with all the new players, foregoing his own playing time to focus on welcoming and teaching others.

A wide view of the gaming space

The facilities were excellent at the Holiday Inn Express in Troutdale. We have some room for growth and look forward to welcoming 40 or more contestants for the 2019 event.