Wild West Fest 2019 – Tournament Structure

Wild West Fest 2019 – Tournament Structure

August 6, 2019 General 0

Here is the framework for the Wild West Fest 2019 tournaments. We’ve changed things up from 2018 so read carefully!

The overall theme for this tournament is The Coldest Winter and we will have a special focus on the Korean War. All but one round will have an option to play a scenario featuring boards and orders of battle from MMP’s Forgotten War – Korea: 1950–1953. To encourage players to play at least one scenario from this theater, each time you play one we will grant an entry to a special drawing for one or more prizes.

Why No Starter Kit Tournament?

We want to focus on bringing new and experience players into the full ASL fold. Every round offers at least one scenario offering with no vehicles and no or minimal ordnance. We strongly encourage beginner players to join this tournament!

Tournament Overview

Here is the structure for the weekend. Times are approximate as we’ll try to keep things flexible. Official tournament rules are pending that will explain how we will resolve winners for not-yet-finished scenarios when we need to move things along.

  • Friday, October 18, 2019
    • 0900 – 1300 – Mini round. This is an optional round and you’ll have a variety of scenarios to choose from. This is a “no risk” round – no penalty for losing, and if you win you’ll gain some points. And maybe a prize. The theme is “Answering the Call” and focuses on heroes and those who answered the call of their nation.
    • 1400 – 2300 – First round. The theme is “Eat Your Meat First”. Read the scenario titles and see if you can figure it out.
  • Saturday, October 19, 2019
    • 0900 – 1300 – Second round. The theme is “La Marseillaise” and focuses on the French as attackers.
    • 1400 – 2300 – Third round. The theme is “I’m Eighteen (Alice Cooper)” and all scenarios will use board 18.
  • Sunday, October 20, 2019
    • 0900 – 1300 – Fourth and final round. The theme is “Who’s In Charge?” and focuses on notable political and military leaders.

More details on the scenarios offered in these rounds below.

Please, Tell Me About Prizes!

The list continues to grow:

Full Tournament Details

Balance will be offered if ROAR indicates. This list is subject to change but the linked spreadsheet will always have the latest scenarios for each round.

Wild West Fest Scenario List for 2019.