Tournament Rules for 2019

Tournament Rules for 2019

September 27, 2019 General 0

Before You Arrive

Prior to the tournament each participant should select 3 scenarios from each round and rank the three in order of preference of play. See side selection for tips on how two players will jointly determine the scenario to be played in each round. Friday morning mulligan games apply to the full tournament as a tiebreaker.

Side Selection

Each player secretly chooses a side to play, and both simultaneously reveal their choices. If they both choose the same side, A26.4 is in effect.

If BOTH players agree, they may use one of the following methods:

  • Method 1: Players roll 1 die; high die selects side.
  • Method 2: As above but low die receives balance provision.

In each round there is a list of four or five scenarios to pick from. For each round, pick your first, second, and third choices. You are encouraged to make selections before the tournament begins. Compare your choices with your opponent’s. If there is only one match, you play that scenario. Otherwise you decide which of the matches you collectively ranked highest, in order of priority:

  • 1:1
  • 1:2
  • 2:2
  • 1:3
  • 2:3
  • 3:3

Tournament Rules

This will be a 4 round Swiss tournament with an optional mini round on Friday morning at 0900 (later starts allowed if they can finish on time). The start time is 2pm Friday. It’s important that players in the main tournament start on time and finish rounds on time.

The TD will attempt to seed all players prior to the tournament to appropriately seed the first-round and subsequent round matches.

Revison 2 of the ASL rule book (ASLRB2) is the official set of rules for the tournament. All official Q&A as published by MMP are also considered rules for the tournament.

If there are two undefeated players remaining, their game shall be the final, and the winner of that match will be First Place in the main tournament, and the loser of that match will be Second Place. Third place will be determined by the TD based on their tournament record–see #7 below. If there are three undefeated players remaining, and two of them should lose in that round, the last undefeated player will be First Place in the main tournament. Second and third place winners will be determined by the TD based on their tournament record–see #7 below.

The TD will provide pairings for each round using Swiss pairing rules.

In each round there will be a list of five scenarios to pick from. See the detailed schedule for information to help you select a scenario to play. Before starting to play, players should make sure they’ve checked for errata on the scenario and agreed on optional rules such as the use of the IIFT. If, during play, a rules dispute ensues, please try to resolve it yourselves. If unable to resolve a rules dispute quickly, consult the tourney director (TD) The TD may judge a winner in a match if the match is running too long. In general, all matches should be finished within five hours. Players who “get behind”, i.e., are starting their games a round or more behind others, may be disqualified by the TD in order to ensure the tourney ends on time (1pm on Sunday).

At the end of the tournament, final ranking will be determined by applying these tiebreakers in order:

  1. Head-to-head play. If you and Fred both end up 2–2, and you beat Fred, you will be ranked higher than Fred.
  2. Total number of wins of the people you beat. People who defeated better players will be ranked higher.
  3. Play against the same opponent. If you and Gary both are 3–1, and you didn’t play each other, but you beat Jack and Jack beat Gary, you will be ranked higher than Gary.
  4. Total number of wins of the people you lost to. People who were defeated by better players will be ranked higher.
  5. Winning a mulligan round.
  6. Playing a mulligan round.
  7. Fly fishing contest on the Deschutes river.
  8. Coin toss.

If there are multiple undefeated players after 4 rounds, these players are strongly encouraged to play off-site or via VASL to determine the champion. If they do not both agree, the tie breakers will be applied.