2019 Mid-Tournament Update

2019 Mid-Tournament Update

October 19, 2019 General 3

It is Saturday afternoon about 3:30pm local time and I’m taking a voluntary bye for round 3. We have 18 other players actively engaged in their games, with four players having two points each and in contention for the win (Steve B., Rich J., Bruce B., and Brian Y.).

The photo above is classic ASL tournament: four different players all reading their rulebooks and cross-consulting different situations. I suspect they average 25 years of ASL experience between them.

We have a great mix of experienced and new players. The old hats are so patient in helping out the newbies, and in some cases a new player surprises the mentor with a victory.

Jacob and I even talked some ASL players into playing something that is not ASL last night!

I’ll be back with a post soon showing tournament results.

On a final note, we are so thankful for our supporters that provided such fantastic prizes this year. This is a photo of Lyle holding his gift certificate from BattleSchool.

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  1. Dade Cariaga says:

    I had a lot of fun on Saturday. So glad to see new players learning the game and making new friends.

  2. Brian Yee says:

    Thank you for an awesome tournament experience. I made new acquaintances, made lots of bonehead game decisions, paid the price in cardboard blood usually (don’t attack Panthers from the front with T-34/85s), and had a fabulous weekend. Thanks, Chris, Steve, Rich, Tycho, Lyle, Greg.

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