Wild West Fest 2019 Final Results

Wild West Fest 2019 Final Results

October 22, 2019 General 3
The top 3: (2) Bruce Billett, (1) Rich Jenulis, (3) Greg Barsness

We just wrapped up another fantastic Wild West Fest near Portland, Oregon in Troutdale. The hotel was a great fit and provided great gaming space and flexibility.

Our theme this year was The Coldest Winter, featuring many scenarios from the MMP Forgotten War expansion.

Our top 5 finishers were:

  1. Rich Jenulis
  2. Bruce Billett
  3. Greg Barsness
  4. (tie) Steve Buckley
    Tycho Granville
The whole WWF Sunday crew

Thanks again to our tournament supports who provided the following:

3 Responses

  1. Rich Jenulis says:

    Thanks Chris and crew for a fantastic time.

  2. George Kelln says:

    Congratulations Rich and well done Portland crew for hosting the tournament. I hope to make it down there some day.



  3. Bruce H. Billett says:

    OK guys. We may have just outdone ourselves.
    This was good!
    Venue was good
    I think the best flow from game to game I have ever been to as well as the sizes of the games. There is always great consternation over the scenario selection,I did not hear a word of descent from anyone! I think a real first. I heard Rich was the cause of that, (no wonder he won?)
    Just overall greatness all around.
    Thank you one and all!


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