Announcing the Cascadia 2020 VASL Summer Offensive

Announcing the Cascadia 2020 VASL Summer Offensive

June 27, 2020 General 2

Welcome to Cascadia ASL. Our mission is to strengthen the Advanced Squad Leader community in the Pacific Northwest by promoting competitive live VASL play among the members of the Portland, Seattle and Vancouver ASL communities.

Cascadia ASL’s first operation will be a live VASL tournament, the Cascadia 2020 VASL Summer Offensive. As this will be our shakedown cruise we ask that you bear with us as we work to build a tight running ship.

The operation will be a four round (16 player cap) Swiss style tournament. Each round will last one week. Play begins Monday, August 3 and ends on August 31, 2020.

We will keep the FAQ updated for this exciting new tournament offering for Cascadia ASL players.

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  1. Rich Jenulis says:

    Sign me up! Greg, let me know how to get the registration fee to you and I’ll send it along on the wings of Apollo.

  2. Chris Brooks says:

    We’ll have registration up shortly!

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