Cascadia 2020 VASL Summer Offensive Tournament Structure and Rules

Cascadia 2020 VASL Summer Offensive Tournament Structure and Rules

June 27, 2020 General 0


Four round Swiss style tournament. Each round will last one week.


All players participating in a Cascadia VASL Tournament will be seeded using their Cascadia Player Rating (CPR). Players without a CPR will be assigned a base CPR and then seeded at the Tournament Director’s discretion. If two or more players have the same rating, the number of Cascadia rated games played by each player will be added to their rating to determine seeding position.


For the first round players will be paired based on their seeding. The field will be split in half and the top seed from the top half of the field will play the top seed from the bottom half of the field. The remaining pairings will be created using the same method.

In subsequent rounds pairings will be based on points which are awarded using the scoring method described below. The player with the highest point total will be paired with the player having the second highest total. The remaining players will be paired using the same method. If more than two players have the same number of points, the highest seeded player will be paired with the lowest seeded of those players.

Note: If you inform the Tournament Director before the tournament starts that your regular opponent is in the tournament you will not be paired in the first round.


The Tournament is scored by points awarded as follows:

  • 10 points for each win during the tournament
  • 1 Bonus point for each win the player’s defeated opponent(s) earn during the tournament

EX: Player A beats Player B in the first round and is awarded 10 points for that win. At the end of the tournament Player B finishes with a 3-1 record. Player A receives 3 Bonus points resulting in a total of 13 points awarded for that first round win.

Note: Any round where a player receives a bye or their opponent forfeits is scored as a win.


The player with the highest point total at the end of the final round will be the Cascadia 2020 VASL Summer Offensive Champion. Any ties will be broken using the following tie-breakers in order:

  • Head-to-Head play: If player A defeated player B, then player A is ranked higher.
  • Defeated opponents: If the point total of player A’s defeated opponents is higher than the point total of player B’s defeated
    opponents, then player A is ranked higher.
  • Victorious opponents: If the point total of player A’s opponents to which he lost is higher than the point total of player B’s opponents to which he lost, then player A is ranked higher.

If a tie still results, the players will be declared co-champions and there will be no second place awarded. The same procedure will be followed to determine the second and third place winners


The registration fees will be awarded in the form of an eGift Certificate from Ritterkrieg to the top three finishers:

  • 1st will receive $50
  • 2nd will receive $30
  • 3rd will receive $20


To add another dimension to the Cascadia VASL tournament experience we give out four awards; three of which recognize players for their luck, or lack thereof. Each award winner will receive a $15 eGift Certificate from Ritterkrieg.

  • Panzer Ace: Awarded to the player with the most AFV Kills during the tournament.
  • Crack Shot: Awarded to the player who accrues the most Sniper “Kill Points” during the tournament.
  • Lucky Bastard: Awarded to the player who rolls the most Snake-eyes. 
  • Cursed By The Gods: Awarded to the player who rolls the most Boxcars.

The Award Tracking Form details the awards and is used to record award points. It will be emailed to registered players.


Our tournament scenario playlist will be available soon. Each round will have 4 scenarios to select from. Players will make their scenario selections along with side preferences using the Scenario Selection Form. This form must be completed by August 1, 2020. The procedure used for scenario selection is detailed on the form.

Cascadia ASL will provide registered players access to scenario cards and enhanced VASL setups for each of the scenarios on the playlist.

VASL Requirements

The tournament will be played live using VASSAL 3.2.17 and VASL 6.5.0. We also recommend players install the following extensions:

  • VASLOverlays_v2.0.vmdx
  • chit-generator-2.0.mdx
  • secret-dr-1.0.vmdx


Skype will be used to communicate during games unless players mutually agree to an alternative method (Discord, telephone, etc.). The Tournament Director will use a combination of emails and texts to communicate with players during the tournament.


This is not a tournament for casual attendance. Completing your round on time is required. As is completing the tournament. Do not commit unless you are certain your schedule will allow you to play to completion in six days, for four consecutive weeks, one fairly lengthy scenario. In the event a game is not completed on time, the Tournament Director will use his discretion to assign a winner for that match.

No game will be ruled a draw. The TD reserves the option to declare neither player the winner and award no points for the game.

If a player cannot complete a match for any reason, good or bad, and the other player was clearly available, the available player will be awarded the win.

While Cascadia ASL is targeted for players living in the Pacific Northwest, all ASL players are welcome to join and compete in our tournaments. We ask that you consider the impact of your time zone on your ability to complete tournament games on time before deciding to participate.

Tournament Director

In order to assure that everyone has an opponent, the Tournament Director will play only when there are an odd number of players in a round. The Tournament Director is not eligible to win the tournament but his points otherwise count. 

Tournament Rules

  1. Tournament games must be played live on the VASL server or face-to-face.
  2. The ASLRB 2nd Edition is the official set of rules for the tournament. All official Q&A as published by MMP are also considered rules for the tournament.
  3. Players may use optional and/or house rules if their use is mutually agreed to before the start of the game. Any optional or house rule used should be communicated to the Tournament Director. This does not apply to optional use of the IIFT.
  4. LOS will be checked using the VASL LOS function. When playing on a VASL board configuration that does not support the function (overlays/HASL maps), and the generated VASL LOS does not resolve whether the LOS is clear, players should use the actual board(s) in play to check that LOS. Any LOS challenge which cannot be resolved using either of the above methods will be decided by a dr: 1-3 clear, 4-6 blocked.
  5. The VASL dicebot will be used for all dr/DR unless an alternative method is mutually agreed to before the start of the game.
  6. All HIP units, Boresight hexes, VCs, fortifications and any other variable scenario information must be recorded prior to the start of play using the VASL Delayed Notes option. Additionally, a copy of this information may be emailed to the Tournament Director. All written information is final once the first DR is made. If, at game’s end, a player is found to have placed a unit/fortification in the wrong Location, that player forfeits any victory. (Be careful in your setups and when you record them)
  7. KIBITZING will not be tolerated: DO NOT comment, email, call or communicate in any fashion on any game in progress.
  8. Please use the prefix ‘CASL’ when labeling your VASL server room for every tournament game.

Rules questions: With tournament games being played over the span of a week it is unlikely the Tournament Director will be readily available to settle rules questions. Hence, tournament policy will be that players resolve rules questions themselves. If an answer cannot be found, players make a die roll to decide the question.