Frequently Asked Questions

Cascadia 2020 VASL Summer Offensive

  • When is the Tournament? Tournament play begins Monday, August 3 and ends on August 31, 2020. This is a four round Swiss style tournament. Each round will last one week.
  • What if I don't live in Cascadia? Can I still participate? While Cascadia ASL is targeted for players living in the Pacific Northwest, all ASL players are welcome to join and compete in our tournaments. We ask that you consider the impact of your time zone on your ability to complete tournament games on time before deciding to participate.
  • What is the Cascadia Player Rating (CPR)? While there is some great progress being made on updating the AREA style rating system, we've created ratings for Cascadia area ASL players based on tournament results from Wild West Fest, NW ASL, and West Coast Rumble.
  • Who should I contact if I have questions? Contact Greg Barsness.

Content below preserved for future live WWF events in Portland.

Tournament Structure

  • When is the tournament? October 18-20, 2019. That's a Friday through Sunday. We'll start about 9am on Friday with a mini mulligan round. We'll wrap up by early afternoon on Sunday.
  • When will the tournament rules be published? We expect to have them listed in  August.
  • When will the scenario lists be published? We expect to have them listed in August.
  • I've only played the ASL Starter Kits. Can I still participate? Yes! Even though the tournament is "full ASL", each round will have scenario choices that lean towards beginners. And there are plenty of experts around that can help with rules questions.
  • Will there be prizes? Yes! We are working publisher support right now and will have this ironed out over the summer.

Hotel and Lodging

  • Where is the hotel located? The hotel is just east of the Portland airport (PDX), in town of Troutdale.
  • Is there a block of rooms reserved? What will the cost be? Yes there is! King rooms are $95.99 / night, double Queen are rooms $105.99 / night.
  • How do I book a room? Use the event name "ASL Wild West Fest" and call the hotel directly at 503-669-6500.


  • Can I bring in outside food? Yes you can! We have an arrangement with the hotel to allow for outside food to be brought into the room. Bring a sack lunch, order a pizza, whatever! All we ask is that you clean up after yourself and be careful not to damage other players' kits.
  • Are there any nearby restaurants? Yes! There are over 15 restaurants within walking distance of the hotel, including a range of fast food restaurants, family style restaurants, pubs, and cocktail bars.

Adult Beverages

  • Can I bring in beer / whiskey / wine coolers? Yes you can.

Local Attractions

  • I'm bringing along my significant other. Is there anything to do in the area? Absolutely! Downtown Portland is about a 20 minute drive west of the venue. Within walking distance is the Columbia Gorge Outlet mall. Last but not least, the hotel is on the doorstep to the spectacular Columbia Gorge.